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Mooloolaba Australia

Mooloolaba Australia

We took a fun little trip with family to the Sunshine coast to Mooloolaba. We had a few hours drive out to the coast so we stopped in the town of Esk for a coffee break. Outside the coffee shop we had another showing of Australia's amazing local birds, a rainbow lorikeet was just sitting in the tree.


After a coffee and cake break we made our way to Mooloolaba to spend the next three days. The coast was nice and relaxing. An awesome thing about Mooloolaba is that you can walk everywhere and don't need a car to drive around if you are staying close to the beach. We also lucked out and had perfect weather, not too hot and not too windy.

It was pretty low key at the coast, each day we stopped by the beach, had tasty treats, and had tasty drinks.


Beach Fun

Our condo was just a short walk to the beach. We were on the 11th floor so we had really pretty views of both the beach and harbor. At night we would get really pretty colors over the harbor.



In the morning the tide was a bit lower so on the far left side of Mooloolaba beach we were able to walk along some rocks and check for sea creatures in the tide pools. We only saw a few different crabs but they were still fun to see.



Another walking path was right past the Surf Club, if you head down the path you will end up on a mostly shaded boardwalk. From here if you keep going you end up on a little jetty with a lighthouse at the end. This was a nice place to go for a run or stroll in the mornings.


Every afternoon we swam around in the ocean and soaked up some sun. There were tons of fun waves to body surf on, and just past the wave break it was perfect to just float around and relax in the water.



Tasty Treats

There is no shortage of tasty treats in Mooloolaba. First up we had a few different avocado toasts, this one below was probaly the prettiest breakfast I've had. Another we tried had pesto and avoacado, definately planning on making that at home.


My second favorite thing to eat at the coast was acai bowls. Just down the main street across from the beach there is a shop where you can build your own acai bowl called Oakberry. Here you could get unlimited toppings of fruit and garnola or an assortment of additional items you could pay for. I opted for 6 different free items which included greek yogurt. It was so good that I went there two days for lunch! It was a perfect refreshing lunch for a hot day.


The last of the tasty treats from the coast were some donuts. We stopped by Kenilworth Bakery in the Wharf which had a full variety of flavors. My husand got jelly and I opted for classic chocolate with sprinkles.



There were a handful of breweries off the main street from the beach. We stopped at 4 Pines Brewing, which had tasty beer and a patio outside just across from the beach. Inside there is a really fun mural.


A fun thing about Australia's beers is they have light, mid and heavy in alcohol content beers. Coming from Portland I'm used to most beers being over 5% alcohol content so it was really nice to be able to just get a light refreshing beer that was only 3.5%. Another fun thing about beer in Queensland, Australia is that there are usually 3 sizes you can choose from a pot, schooner, or pint. So if you just want a little taste of beer there is an option for that. This place was a perfect way to end the afternoon at the beach with a refreshing drink.