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When life gives you lemon seeds...Grow a lemon tree

When life gives you lemon seeds...Grow a lemon tree

I recently had an idea to grow a lemon tree from a seed when I saw a little video on Pinterest. I didn't know it was that easy to just grow a lemon tree from a seed of a lemon in your fridge. So I began what I called a little science experiment.

Step One

First step was to take lemon seeds out of a lemon and rinse them. After they were rinsed you wet a paper towel and put the seed in the paper towel in a closed container. I used a plastic tupperware. Next is the hard part, you wait about 10-12 days before checking to see if the seed had sprouts.

Step Two

After the 10-12 day wait open the container and see which seeds sprouted. Of my 8 seeds I had about 5 with good sprouts. Next plant the sprouts in small pots then wait to see which grow. I planted 4 sprouts in total and after a few weeks I started getting some little plants through the dirt.

Step Three

Next you just wait while the plants grow and grow then transplant to a larger pot when needed. This will probably take a while.

Progress of lemon trees

One month after the picture above




Two months later:

Three are still going really strong. One wasnt really growing we tossed that one.