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Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon

Our forth park for the big Utah roadtrip was Bryce Canyon National Park. We stayed right in the park at The Lodge at Bryce Canyon. The lodge was walking distance from the Rim Trail so we had very little driving to do in the park which was a plus.

There were a bit more amenities in this park. Since we had been on the trip a few days we used this stop do to laundry so we were fresh for the last bit of the trip. The laundry was just down the road along with the General Store where we reloaded up on snacks. At the lodge there was a dining room where we ate dinner and breakfast. We stuck to having a packed lunch for our day of hiking.

It was a bit cooler up here since the park is at a higher elevation, around 8,000 feet. This meant the days didn't get as hot and we could start a bit later in the day and needed to bundle up a bit at night.

We only stayed one night here and looking back it would have been nice to get a little bit more time in this park, we'll just have to come back!

Quick run down of the trip:

Stay: The Lodge at Bryce Canyon

Day One

  • Rim Trail
  • Sunset Point

Day Two

  • Queens Garden Trail and Navajo Loop
  • Fairyland Point
  • Inspiration Point

Day One

  • Hikes: Rim Trail & Sunset Point
  • Miles Hiked: .5 miles

We arrived at the park just in time to check out sunset on the Rim Trail and Sunset Point. It was so cool how you just walk through trees and then all the sudden come upon the canyon. I was not expecting that, so it was a really fun surprise.


Once you walk through the trees and get to the canyon you are right at the Rim Trail. The landscape changed so quickly, that was really interesting to see. From the lodge you wouldn't even know there is a canyon just a few feet away.



Day Two

  • Hikes: Queens Garden Trail and Navajo loop & Inspiration Point
  • Miles Hiked: 3.6 miles

For day two we started by hiking into the canyon to do Queens Garden trail and Navajo loop which was 3 miles. This was nice to get up close to the hoodoos and wander around a bit.



A few times we went through almost doorways through the rocks.


We seemed to be going backwards on the loop from everyone else which meant there tended to be less people at a few spots which was nice.


After the hike we drove to fairyland point. To look around and get some more amazing views and then quick walk up to Inspiration Point to finish our time at Bryce Canyon.



Next up was the last park of the trip, Capital Reef National park a 2 hour drive. Here are details on what we saw there.