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Capital Reef

Capital Reef

This was the last park on our Utah roadtrip. It felt like a much more relaxed park than the others and was way less crowded.

The weather here was wonderful again, not too hot and just started each day early to beat some of the heat. We got a few good hikes in and got ready to say goodbye to all the red rocks. This was a really fun road trip and I can't wait to do it again in the future!

Quick run down of the trip:

Stay: Capitol Reef Resort

Day One

  • Relax

Day Two

  • Cassidy Arch
  • Hickman Bridge

Day One

We stayed just outside the park at Capitol Reef Resort and arrived just before sunset. There is not much out here and thankfully across the street there was a little restaurant with a bar and an amazing patio with views of the park in the distance. We ended up going here both nights we stayed here.


The place we stayed was nice and cozy. There was a pool, firepits and swings on the property for guests to use.


The view from the balcony in our room did not disappoint.


Day Two

  • Hikes: Cassidy Arch & Hickman Bridge
  • Miles Hiked: 5 miles

We started the day doing the Cassidy Arch hike which is about a 3 mile round trip hike. It was a bit of a steep uphill at the start but leveled off after a bit. It was cool to see how far we climbed so quickly.


There is almost no shade on this hike so we started early to beat some of the heat. By the time we got to the arch there was only one other group of people, which was perfect! We walked across the arch which was a little scary since it was really high up above the canyon, but very cool to explore.



Up next we drove to do the Hickman Bridge hike which was 1.8 mile round trip. It was a little more lush here, probably because there is a small bit of shade along the hike. We really liked this hike and the views when you get to the bridge.



The final stop of the day and of the big road trip was at The Gifford House see the historic house and get a pie. Outside the house we were able to watch some horses being horses. It was the perfect ending to a great week!