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I made my way up to Tibidabo in Barcelona, for details on the rest of the Barcelona trip see this post. To get to Tibidabo I had walked from the hotel to the base of the tram up the mountain. I debated hiking up 3 miles to Tibidabo but decided I had already done enough walking for the day. The tram up to the top is very quick and takes only a minute (tip: there were automatic ticket machines inside the station so you don't have to wait in line at the ticket booth).

Up at Tibidabo there are a few older carnival games and a large church. I soaked up the view a bit first before going to explore the church.


I had a feeling the church was going to be very big on my way up here, you can see it so well from the bottom of the mountain and boy did it not disappoint. It might have been the tallest church I have been in.


The church was so big that it was almost like two churches in one. There were two separate floors in the church. The first floor was big space, an offshoot with a Montserrat section and in the back off one side is an office where you can buy a ticket to go to the top of the church.


Once back outside I walked up the stairs to the second level of the church. This area had a little bit of a different look than downstairs and was a little smaller. The arches were really interesting.


After seeing both free areas I went back to the first level and decided to pay the 5 euro to go to the top of the church. There is a pay machine and then down the hallway you press a button for the elevator. The elevator takes about 5 minutes to come all the way down. Then once in the old elevator you can go up to the area above the second floor. This area is all outside. You can wander all around and start to get some higher up views of the city.


Next you can climb stairs all the way to the top were you are right below the huge Jesus statue. The views up here were amazing! It was crazy how high up you were. It was so pretty to see the city and sea off in the distance.



You can also walk all around this upper point and see views along the backside of the church of beautiful green lush hills.



This trip was really worth it! The views alone were amazing to see. I would love to come up here for sunset next time I'm in Barcelona.